Foreign trade turnover of goods in total and by countries in January-March 2023

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Foreign trade turnover[1] in January - March 2023 in exports at current prices amounted to PLN 418.1 bn, while in imports - PLN 404.5 bn. The positive balance reached the level of PLN 13.6 bn, while in the same period of 2022 year was negative and amounted to PLN 21.3 bn. In comparison to the corresponding period of last year exports increased by 12.5%, while imports by 3.0%.


Note. Due to the rounding of data, in some cases sums of components may slightly differ from the amount given in the item ”total”.

[1]Collection of data on foreign trade turnover is open. Data published formerly is updated according to new customs and INTRASTAT declarations. Data for January - March 2023 have been amended to include unregistered customs declarations for earlier months of this year.

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