Development Cooperation

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Development cooperation is regulated by the Development Cooperation Act of 16 September 2011. Under the mentioned Act, development cooperation is defined as all actions taken by government administration agencies, pursuant to international solidarity principle, to provide developing countries with:

  1. development aid – promoting and supporting the development of democracy and civil society, including parliamentary system development, good governance and protecting human rights principles, providing support in sustainable social and economic development, undertaking actions that contribute to reducing poverty and improving the health condition of the population, as well as raising the level of education and professional qualifications of the population,
  2. humanitarian aid – ensuring assistance, civil care and protection to the population affected by armed conflicts, natural disasters or other humanitarian crises,
  3. support the implementation of educational activities in order to raise awareness and understanding of global issues.

Activities undertaken in the framework of development cooperation are implemented on the basis of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme. The existing development cooperation was conducted on the basis of the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme, which is currently followed by the Multiannual Development Cooperation Programme for the years 2016 - 2020.

Polish development cooperation in the coming years will focus on supporting of the six priority areas: good governance, democracy and human rights, human resources, entrepreneurship and the private sector, sustainable agriculture and rural development and environmental protection. Development cooperation will cover a total of ten priority countries, i.e. four countries in the Eastern Partnership: Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and six countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East: Ethiopia, Kenya, Myanmar, Palestine, Senegal, Tanzania.

The implementation of Multiannual Programme is based on annual Development cooperation plans that include projects to be carried out in a given year. Development cooperation activities are funded from central government budget’s special purpose reserve that is at MFA disposal, as well as from own resources. Polish official statistics services have experience in implementation of development cooperation projects.

Since 2011 the Central Statistical Office has been playing an active role in supporting the development of partner countries statistical systems and improving their functioning in the framework of development cooperation.




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