Experimental statistics

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Emerging and constantly growing information needs of numerous stakeholders have triggered Statistics Poland’s endeavour to strengthen its information potential including experimental statistics keeping. This type of research exceeds the standard practice applicable in methodological studies and covers the identified information gaps. Presented work may also contain the results of research being in the development phase. Moreover, this research has been conducted in an innovative way using experimental methods and a new methodological approach. The results of the experimental statistics are not official statistics.

Research work on experimental statistics are conducted within the scope of the Statistics Poland’s statutory activities and within scientific grants and projects financed from external funds.

In order to summarize the activities carried out under the projects "Statistics for Cohesion Policy" in 2013-2015 and 2016-2018, two publications were developed as a guide to 59 research work. They describe in a synthetic way the objectives of the projects, the adopted methodology and more important research results.

Applications, reports and research developed using advanced statistical methods and modern analytical tools are presented in individual thematic sections.