Residential construction in January 2019

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In January 2019 there were more dwellings completed than the year before. The number of dwellings for which permits have been granted or which have been registered with a construction project and the number of dwellings in which construction has begun slightly decreased.

According to preliminary data, 16.3 thous. dwellings were completed in January 2019, i.e. by 8,6% more than a year ago. Developersb completed 9.9 thous. dwellings (20.6% more than in the corresponding month of the previous year), whereas private investorsb completed 6.1 thous. dwellings, i.e. by  5.0% less than in January 2018. Within these forms of construction,  98.0% of a total number of completed dwellings was built. Less dwellings than a year ago were completed within cooperative construction (24 compared to 111 dwellings). In the other forms of construction (public building society, municipal and company construction), 295 dwellings were completed in total, i.e. by 3.1% more than a year ago, more than a half of which is constituted by public building society dwellings.

Total useful floor area of dwellings completed in January 2019 amounted to 1.5 m. sq m, i.e. by 3.9% more than in the corresponding month of previous year. During that time the average useful floor area of 1 dwelling decreased by 4.2 sq m to the level of 91.6 sq m.


b Every time developers are mentioned in the news release, it means construction intended for sale or rent, that is realised by various investors with the purpose of making a profit, whereas if private investors are mentioned, it means private construction, that is realised for the use of the investor

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