In January of 2015 there less dwellings were completed in January of 2014, while the number dwellings for which permits have been granted and the number of dwellings in which construction has begun increased.

According to preliminary data, in January of 2015, 11208 dwellings were completed, i.e. by 10.8% less than in January of 2014 and by 20.3% less than in the corresponding period of 2013.

In January of 2015, the number of dwellings for which building permits have been granted amounted to 10587, i.e. by 21.0% more than in January of 2014 (in which an increase by 8.5% was recorded). The number of dwellings in which the construction has begun also increased to 7236, i.e. by 11.8% against an increase by 56.2% the year before.