Price indices of sold production of industry in February 2020

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According to preliminary data in February 2020 the prices of sold production of industry  were higher  in comparison with the corresponding month of the previous year  by 0.1% and  in comparison with January 2020 fell by 0.2%.

According to preliminary data, the prices of sold production of industry in February 2020 fell by 0.2% in comparison with  the previous month. The deepest  drop of prices was recorded  in mining and quarrying by 1.1%, of which in mining of metal ores by 2.2% as well as in  mining of coal and lignite by 0.3%. The prices in manufacturing decreased by 0.3%. The deepest drop of prices was recorded in coke and refined petroleum products (by 5.7%). The prices decreased also in manufacture: of wearing apparel (by 0.4%), of basic metals (by 0.3%), of food products,  of pharmaceutical products (by 0.2% each),of  products of wood, cork, straw  and wicker, of chemicals and chemical products, of computer, electronic and optical products,    of furniture (by 0.1% each).
Prices in  printing and reproduction  of recorded media as well as in manufacture of electrical equipment remained unchanged in comparison with month before. However, the growth of prices was recorded, among others, in manufacture: of beverages, of metal products (by 0.1% each), of leather and related products, of other non-metallic mineral products (by 0.2% each), of paper and paper products, of machinery and equipment (by 0.3% each), of rubber and plastic products, of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers (by 0.4% each), of textiles (by 0.5%), of tobacco products, of other transport equipment (by 0.6% each). The prices increase was also noticed in section  water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities  by 0.3% as well as in section electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply by 0.7%.

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