Price indices of consumer goods and services in August 2018

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Consumer prices in August 2018, remained on average at a level similar to the one recorded in the previous month (with an increase of prices of services – by 0,5% and a decrease of prices of goods – by 0,3%). Compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, consumer prices increased by 2,0% (of which goods – by 2,1% and services – by 1,8%).

Contributions of price changes to the total consumer price index In August of the current year, compared with the previous month, the highest contribution to the total consumer price index came from higher prices related to Dwelling (by 0,3%) and Transport (by 0,4%), which increased the index by 0,08 pp and 0,04 pp, respectively. Lower prices of Food and non-alcoholic beverages (by 0,7%) and Clothing and footwear (by 1,7%) decreased the index by 0,17 pp and 0,08 pp, respectively.
Compared with August of the previous year, higher prices related to Transport (by 8,5%), as well as Dwelling and Food and non-alcoholic beverages (by 2,1% each) increased the consumer price index by 0,73 pp, 0,54 pp and 0,51 pp, respectively. Lower prices of Clothing and footwear (by 3,4%) decreased the index by 0,18 pp.

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