Consumer price indices in April 2021

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Consumer prices in April 2021, compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, increased by 4,3% (with an increase of prices of services by 6,8% and goods by 3,6%). As related to the previous month consumer prices increased by 0,8% (of which goods by 0,9% and services by 0,3%).

In April of the current year, compared with the previous month, the highest contribution to the total consumer price index came from higher prices of Food (by 1,1%) and related to Transport (by 2,5%), which increased the index by 0,27 pp and 0,24 pp, respectively.

Compared with the corresponding month of the previous year, higher prices related to Transport (by 16,2%) and Dwelling (by 5,0%) increased the consumer price index by 1,39 pp and 1,24 pp, respectively. Lower prices related to Clothing and footwear (by 0,3%) decreased the index by 0,01 pp.

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