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Information on how electricity prices for households will be included in the Consumer Price Index from January 2023

How will electricity prices for households be included in the Consumer Price Index from January 2023? Due to the entry into force of the act on special solutions for the protection of electricity consumers in 2023 and the implementation of the measures under the so-called Solidarity Shield, from 1 January 2023, energy prices will be frozen at the 2022 level for households whose electricity consumption does not exceed the assumed limits or if the household is entitled to use the increased limits.

The Geostatistics Portal won 1st place in the digital products category at the International Cartographic Conference in Cape Town

On August 13-18, the 31st International Cartographic Conference took place in Cape Town. The event is organised by the South African National Committee of ICA. During the conference, the International Cartographic Exhibition took place, where the Geostatistics Portal won first place in the digital products category.

Publication Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Poland 2023

The most comprehensive publication of Statistics Poland with key statistical data on Poland, as well as major regional differences and international comparisons.

Publication Population projection 2023–2060

This publication includes the assumptions and analysis of the expected trends of changes of demographic processes: fertility, mortality and migration for permanent residence, as well as the results of the population projection until 2060, prepared on the basis of chosen assumptions and variants.

Publication Statistical Bulletin No 1/2024

Basic data and indicators characterizing the socio-economic situation of the country, presented in the form of data series - monthly, quarterly and annual – regarding, among others, national accounts, demographics, labour market, wages and salaries, social benefits, prices, basic national economy areas (agriculture, industry, construction, domestic market, transport) and foreign trade, as well as money supply, public finance, financial results of non-financial companies, as well as investment outlays.

Publication Socio-economic situation of the country in January 2024

Short-term analysis of phenomena and processes taking place, among others, in the area of the labour market, wages and salaries, prices, basic areas of the national economy (agriculture, industry, construction, domestic market), transport and foreign trade, as well as the situation in selected countries of the world. Moreover, information published quarterly concerns GDP estimates, demographic processes, financial results and investment outlays of non-financial enterprises.

Publication Poland on the way to SDGs. Report 2023. Women on the way to sustainable development.

More women in Poland complete higher education than men, but are they promoted just as often? How much do they earn compared to men holding similar positions? What is the percentage of female managers? Polish women are more likely to undergo preventive examinations, but do they suffer from modern-age diseases less often than men? How do they keep physically active? Are they satisfied with their lives?

Publication Population in the labour market according to the results of the National Census of Population and Housing 2021 - updated version

The current edition of the publication results from the update of the data on the level of education in the publication “Population in the labour market according to the results of the National Census of Population and Housing 2021 – updated version” and is the result of determining the level of education for persons for whom it was not previously assigned. As a result, it was possible to more precisely calculate the educational structure as well as indicators related to the labour market for a significantly larger group of persons. Thanks to this, the quality of data improved and the level of education was determined for 711.1 thousand people who originally had an undetermined level of education (their number decreased from 1021,9 thousand to 310,8 thousand).
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