Business tendency in manufacturing, construction, trade and services 2000-2023 (December 2023)

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Date of publication: 27.12.2023
Frequency of publication: monthly edition

Assessment of the situation in manufacturing, construction, trade and services (with in-depth presentation of results in accommodation and food service activities) is based upon the subjective opinions about actual and future business situation expressed by the directors of the surveyed companies.

The quarterly data in manufacturing are available in January, April, July and October.

The data on investments in manufacturing and investments in construction are available in March and October.

A T T E N T I O N: Starting from January 2024, “In-depth questions about the current economic issues and the impact of war in Ukraine – assessment and expectations” annex will be an integral part of this publication. Supplementary Excel database presenting the percentage share of positive, neutral and negative variants of answers will also be included. It will add to the standard data on balances of positive and negative answers. Excel databases with the balances (until December 2023) will be available in the archive, while the current data can be found in Knowledge Databases à Business tendency | Dashboard | DBW (, where they can be downloaded in Excel format as well.

By: section, divisions and groupings according to NACE Rev.2, size classes of enterprises, voivodships

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