In March 2018 retail sales at constant prices were by 8.8% higher than the year before (against a growth of 7.9% in March 2017). The growth rate of retail sales was higher than in January and February this year, when a growth by 7.7% was recorded. In comparison with February 2018 retail sales were higher by 17.9%.

Retail sales of goods by type of enterprise activity

Among the groups with a significant share in total retail sales, the highest increase in March 2018 compared to the corresponding period of previous year (at constant prices) was observed in entities from the group “other retail sale in non-specialized stores” (by 17.4% against a growth of 3.7% the year before). A substantial increase in sales was also recorded in enterprises trading in ”food, beverages and tobacco products” (by 13.8%), which was caused i.a. by shift of shopping to March this year due to the earlier date of Easter in 2018 (calendar effect).

Within groups with a lower share in total retail sales, the highest increase in sales was noted by enterprises classified to groups “pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, orthopaedic equipment” (by 14.1%) and “textiles, clothing, footwear” (by 13.0%). The decrease in retail sales was recorded by units from groups: “newspapers, books, other sale in specialized stores” (by 2.5%); “motor vehicles, motorcycles, parts” (by 0.6%).

In the period of January-March 2018[1] retail sales were by 8.1 higher than in the corresponding period of 2017 (against a growth of 7.1% the year before).


[1] Corrections made by reporting entities were included in cumulative data.