Retail sales index - March 2024

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In March 2024 retail sales1 at constant prices were by 6.1% higher than the year before (against a decrease of 7.3% in March 2023). Compared with February 2024, an increase by 14.2% in retail sales was recorded. In the period of January-March2 2024 sales increased y/y by 5.0% (against a decrease by 3.5% in corresponding period of 2023).

In March 2024, a significant increase in retail sales (at constant prices) compared with the corresponding period of 2023 was recorded by entities from the following groups: “others” (by 19.4%), “motor vehicles, motorcycles, parts” (by 13.5%), “solid, liquid and gaseous fuels” (by 11.2%). Enterprises classified in the group with the largest share in retail sales “total” - “food, beverages and tobacco products” noted an increase by 6.6%.

In March 2024 compared with March 2023, a decrease in retail sales value via Internet at current prices was recorded (by 1.8%). The share of sales via Internet in “total” sales decreased in March 2024 compared with corresponding period of previous year from 8.6% to 8.0%. Among the presented groups with a significant share of sales via Internet a drop in share was reported by enterprises from the groups “newspapers, books, other sale in specialized stores” (from 25.6% a year ago to 23.3%) and “furniture, radio, TV and household appliances” (from 18.0% to 17.1% respectively). The share of the group “textiles, clothing, footwear” did not change and amounted to 23.0%.

1 Data concerns trade and non-trade enterprises employing more than 9 persons. Groups of enterprises were created on the basis of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD 2007) and a given enterprise is included to a specific category by predominating kind of activity and ac-cording to its present organizational status in mentioned period. The recorded changes of rise or fall of the dynamics of retail sales in particular groups of enterprises activity may result from a change in the predominating kind of activity and organisational changes (e.g. a merger of enterprises). This does not have impact on the dynamics of the total retail sales.
2 Corrections made by reporting entities were included in cumulative data.

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