Average paid employment and average gross wages and salaries in enterprise sector in April 2021

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In April 2021, average paid employment in enterprise sector was higher by 0.9% y/y and amounted to 6316.9 thousand, while average wages and salaries were higher by 9.9% y/y and amounted to 5805.72 PLN (gross).

In April 2021 average paid employment in enterprise sector slightly decreased compared to the one recorded a month earlier (by 0.2%). It was the result of, i.a. reduction of the part of the full-time employment, end of fixed-term contracts and not extending them (sometimes because of the epidemic situation) and also termination of employment contracts. The decline in average paid employment was also affected by receiving by employees care or sickly leave benefits – which, depending on the overall length of their duration, could also have an impact on the way of including these persons in average paid employment and at the same time in wages and salaries (methods of calculating these variables are described in DG-1 report).

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