Index numbers of industrial and construction-assembly production in January 2014

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According to the preliminary data sold production of industry in constant prices (in enterprises employing more than 9 persons) in January of 2014 was by 4.1% higher than in the previous year and by 2.9% higher than in December of 2013. After eliminating the seasonal factors, sold production of industry reached the level higher by 6.3% than in the corresponding month of the previous year and by 2.3% higher than in December of 2013.

As compared to January of 2013, an increase in sold production was reported in 24 (out of 34) industry divisions, among others, in: manufacture of furniture – by 16.2%, manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products – by 14.4%, manufacture of rubber and plastics products – by 12.5%, manufacture of electrical equipment – by 12.0%, manufacture of products of wood, cork, straw and wicker – by 10.7%, manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products – by 8.1% and manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products – by 7.4%. A drop in sold production of industry, as compared to January of 2013, was recorded in 10 divisions, among others, in:  mining of coal and lignite – by 7.5%, manufacture of pharmaceutical products – by 6.5%, manufacture of chemicals and chemical products – by 2.8% and electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply – by 1.9%.

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