Consumer tendency - October 2023

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In October 2023, there was an improvement in both current and future consumer sentiment moods compared to the previous month. The current consumer confidence indicator, synthetically describing the current trends in individual consumption, was -17.9[1] which was by 2.4 p.p. higher in relation to last month.

Among the components of the indicator, the evaluations of the current financial situation of the household and current economic situation of the country improvement the most (increases by 4.0 percentage points and 3.6 percentage points, respectively). A higher values were also recorded for the evaluations of the current possibility of making important purchases and future economic situation of the country  (increases by 2.8 percentage points and 2.5 percentage points, respectively). Lower value than a month before was recorded only for the evaluation of the future financial situation of the household (decrease by 1.2 percentage points).

Referring to October 2022, the current value of current consumer confidence indicator is higher by 27.6 percentage points. 

[1] Both consumer confidence indicators receive values between -100 and +100. A positive value means dominance of consumers with optimistic attitude over consumers with pessimistic attitude, while negative value means dominance of consumers with pessimistic attitude over consumers with optimistic attitude. In the period of 02-11.10.2023, 1483 interviews were conducted.

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