Business tendency in manufacturing, construction, trade and services - August 2023

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In August the assessments of general business climate indicator in most of presented kinds of activities are at a similar level as compared to the ones presented in July, although it is higher in manufacturing along with information and communication, while lower in accommodation and food service activities. In all areas, except for retail trade, the indicator is below the long-term mean1. In majority of the areas, month-to-month level of "diagnostic" components does not change, whereas in the case of "forecasting" ones – no changes or improvement.

Only entities from financial and insurance activities section (plus 18.8) as well as information and communication section (plus 13.1) assess business tendency as positive2, however below the long-term mean (plus 25.8 and plus 18.1 respectively). The most pessimistic assessments are made by entities from manufacturing section (minus 12.0) along with construction section (minus 8.0).

In the current month – answers provided between 1st and 10th of each month – supplementary set of questions has been added to the survey. This particular set aims to additionally diagnose the impact of war in Ukraine on business tendency and raises the issue of investments (results in table 2).

1 Long-term mean (arithmetic mean for each general business climate indicator) covers time series since 2000, apart from services (since 2003) and wholesale trade (since 2011).

2 By the phrase „positive” (positive value of the indicator) we consider a situation when percentage of entrepreneurs expecting improvement of their entities’ economic situation in the next three months or observing such an improvement outweighs percentage of entrepreneurs expecting its deterioration.

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