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Editorial Title-Plan of the Statistics Poland and RSO

Publication announcements

No. Type Document title Date of publication
1 Note The concept of the international migration statistics system in Poland 02.06.2011
2 Publication The demand for labour in 2019 26.06.2020
3 Article The demand for labour in the second quarter of 2020 10.09.2020
4 Publication The GDP and GVA decomposition method in application to the analysis of the regional differences structure (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
5 Article The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on selected elements of the labour market in Poland in the second quarter of 2020 10.09.2020
6 Publication The life of women and men in Europe - A statistical portrait 18.10.2017
7 Publication The List of Identifiers and Names of the Units of Territorial Division of the Country. Territorial division as of 1st January 2015 27.03.2015
8 Publication The maritime economy in Poland in years 2017 and 2018 02.12.2019
9 Publication The measurement of poverty at the poviat level (LAU 1) (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
10 Note The methodology of the 2011 National Population and Housing Census – selected aspects 09.01.2014
11 Publication The non-profit sector in 2016 21.11.2018
12 Table The Polish organisations and institutions abroad and Polish diaspora organisations and institutions database 03.01.2019
13 Publication The role of the non-profit sector in provision of social services in 2014–2016 07.06.2018
14 Article The situation of households in 2019 – on the base of the result of Household Budget Survey 29.05.2020
15 Publication The situation of older people in Poland in 2018 12.02.2020
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