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Editorial Title-Plan of the Statistics Poland and RSO

Publication announcements

No. Type Document title Date of publication
1 Publication Telecommunications in 2022 28.09.2023
2 Publication The Agricultural Census 2020. Characteristics of agricultural holdings in 2020 02.12.2022
3 Note The concept of the international migration statistics system in Poland 02.06.2011
4 Publication The demand for labour in 2022 22.06.2023
5 Article The demand for labour in the fourth quarter of 2023 11.03.2024
6 Publication The GDP and GVA decomposition method in application to the analysis of the regional differences structure (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
7 Article The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on selected elements of the labour market in Poland in the fourth quarter of 2022 09.03.2023
8 Publication The life of women and men in Europe - A statistical portrait 18.10.2017
9 Publication The List of Identifiers and Names of the Units of Territorial Division of the Country. Territorial division as of 1st January 2015 27.03.2015
10 Publication The maritime economy in Poland in years 2021 and 2022 29.11.2023
11 Publication The measurement of poverty at the poviat level (LAU 1) (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
12 Note The methodology of the 2011 National Population and Housing Census – selected aspects 09.01.2014
13 Publication The Modern technologies and new sources of data in inflation measurement 12.09.2022
14 Table The Polish organisations and institutions abroad and Polish diaspora organisations and institutions database 05.04.2023
15 Publication The role of the non-profit sector in provision of social services in 2014–2016 07.06.2018
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