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Editorial Title-Plan of the Statistics Poland and RSO

Publication announcements

No. Type Document title Date of publication
1 Publication Identification of special areas within provincial cities and their functional areas based on spatial analyses using Geographic Information System (GIS) and taking into account the demographic and economic situation of their inhabitants (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
2 Table Imprisoned in remand centres or prisons 30.12.2021
3 Publication Improvement of the research precise and estimating indicators for the development of the information society by increasing the research sample and the use of CAWI/CAII techniques 01.03.2019
4 Note Improving the quality and availability of migration statistics 01.07.2009
5 Table Incidences of tuberculosis, syphilis and measles 15.10.2021
6 Publication Incomes and living conditions of the population in Poland (report from the EU-SILC survey of 2020) 28.02.2022
7 Article Index numbers of construction and assembly production in December 2022 23.01.2023
8 Article Index numbers of industrial and construction-assembly production in December 2018 18.01.2019
9 Article Index numbers of sold production of industry in December 2022 23.01.2023
10 Publication Indicators of territorial accessibility of Poland’s residents to selected public utilities 07.03.2019
11 Publication Industry - results of activity in 2021 30.06.2021
12 Table Infant death 03.08.2022
13 Note Information of Statistics Poland concerning the results of the Badanie Aktywności Ekonomicznej Ludności recalculated for the years 2010-2020. (BAEL - the Polish equivalent of the European survey on the labour force - Labour Force Survey/LFS) 26.01.2022
14 Note Information of Statistics Poland on the revision of national accounts in 2010–2020 23.05.2022
15 Article Information of Statistics Poland on the updated quarterly GDP estimate for 2010 -2021 and the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2022 03.11.2022
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