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Editorial Title-Plan of the Statistics Poland and RSO

Publication announcements

No. Type Document title Date of publication
1 Table Basic data from Labour Force Survey (LFS) seasonally adjusted in years 2010-2023 25.09.2023
2 Publication Basic data on health care in 2009 07.01.2011
3 Publication Basic urban statistics 2016 15.06.2018
4 Article Biotechnology and nanotechnology in Poland in 2022 09.11.2023
5 Article Blood donation in 2022 21.08.2023
6 Article Border traffic and expenses made by foreigners in Poland and by Poles abroad in the 3rd quarter of 2023 20.12.2023
7 Publication Border traffic and expenses made by foreigners in Poland and Poles abroad in 2022 26.10.2023
8 Publication Border Traffic and Movement of Goods and Services at the Polish-Ukrainian Border 25.03.2014
9 Publication Border traffic and movement of goods and services at the Union's External Border on the territory of Poland in 2013 19.08.2014
10 Article Border traffic at the external border of the European Union in the 1st quarter of 2020 28.04.2020
11 Article Business services in 2021 18.09.2023
12 Article Business tendency in manufacturing, construction, trade and services - February 2024 22.02.2024
13 Publication Business tendency survey - methodological report 14.02.2024
14 Publication Business tendency survey in manufacturing, construction, trade and service 2000-2024 (February 2024) 26.02.2024