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Sold production of industry


Basic measure of economic activity (i.e. industrial activity, construction and assembly, transport and other activity) of enterprises and industrial companies, i.e. economic entities included, according to the NACE Rev.2, in the sections B, C, D, E.

Sold production of industry is the value expressed in current basic prices i.e. excluding value added tax (VAT), excise tax and including the value of received subsidies on products (goods and services).

Value of sold production includes:

1. The value of products sold by an enterprise externally (regardless of whether due payments for them have been received or not) i.e. the value of:

- finished products, semi-finished products and parts of own production,

- performed services and works, of which construction and assembly works realized without subcontractors,

- scientific and research works,

- design works, geodetic and cartographic works,

derived as a result of multiplying the number of sold products and services by the selling price of the unit allowing for due extra charges, granted rebates, reductions, discounts or contractual due payments for the sale of products (goods and services), excluding value added tax (VAT);

2. The value of manufactured products, not categorized as sale but included in sales i.e. the value of:

- own products supplied to own retail sales outlets as well as to own catering establishments and own warehouses,

- benefits transferred to the social benefits fund,

- own products (goods and services) manufactured and transferred for increasing the value of own fixed assets,

- goods and services transferred free of charge for the purpose of representation and advertisement,

- goods and services provided for the taxpayer's and staff's personal needs,

- donations of goods and services rendered free of charge.

3. Flat agents' fee for conducting economic activity, using fixed assets etc., in the case of concluding an agreement on commission terms, and full agents' fee in the case of concluding an agency agreement.

Sold production is expressed in realization prices i.e. prices actually used in selling transactions with direct clients, in net value i.e. excluding value added tax (VAT) due on this sale. Depending on the client category, these can be selling prices, wholesale, retail, transactional and other prices taking into account extra charges, reductions, discounts provided for in the terms and conditions of the contract.

The value of the sold production expressed in this way is the value in producer's prices.

The sold production is presented in basic prices i.e. after elimination from the above mentioned value of sold production the excise tax included therein and adding the value of received subsidies on products (goods and services):

Sa = Sw + Sz - Da + Dp

Sa - value of sold production of industry in current basic prices,

Sw - revenues from sale of products, flat agents' fee,

Sz - cost of generating benefits for the needs of the entity (value of manufactured products, not categorized as sale but included in sales),

Da - excise tax on self-manufactured products (producer),

Dp - subsidies received for the products.

The moment of sale is:

1. in sale outside an enterprise - date of sale shown on invoice;

2. for production manufactured, not categorized as sale but included in sales - date of handing over the products in physical terms;

3. for performance of services:

- payment for service date - in case of services paid upon their acceptance,

- service acceptance date - in other cases, e.g. services not performed in own plants but in a client's dwelling and settled only upon confirmation of service acceptance.

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