Index numbers of sold production of industry in January 2020

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In January 2020, sold production of industry was by 1.1% higher than in January 2019, when the growth was recorded by 6.0%, whereas in comparison with December 2019, it increased by 4.5%.

After eliminating the seasonal factors, in January 2020 sold production of industry reached the level higher by 3.5% than in the corresponding month of 2019 and by 2.7% higher as compared to December 2019.

In most of the main industrial groupings, in January 2020, as compared to the previous year, an increase of production was recorded. The production of intermediate goods increased by 3.1%, durable consumer goods – by 2.0%, capital goods – by 1.0%. A decrease was observed in the production of energy – by 3.7% and non-durable consumer goods – by 1.0%.

a) Reported data; comprise enterprises with 10 or more persons employed.

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