Index numbers of construction and assembly production in March 2024

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According to preliminary data construction and assembly production (in constant prices) carried out domestically by construction enterprises employing more than 9 persons was in March 2024 by 13.3% lower than in the same period of 2023 (a decrease of 1.6% the year before) and by 19.1% higher compared to February 2024 (an increase of 30.6% in the corresponding period of 2023).

Construction and assembly production in March 2024, showed an annual decrease in all divi-sions of construction, in entities performing specialised construction activities of 3.2% and in entities whose basic type of activity was construction of buildings of 16.1% and dealing mainly with civil engineering works of 17.8%.

Preliminary data; comprise enterprises employing over 9 persons, whose the main type of activity is included in the section F “Construction” in accordance with the Polish Classifica-tion of Activities (PKD 2007).

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