Statistical Yearbook of Maritime Economy 2021

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Date of publication: 28.12.2021
Frequency of publication: annual edition

Comprehensive statistical information that depict the standing of maritime economy in 2019, in comparison with the preceding years. Information describing maritime economy against the background of national economy, statistical data on maritime economy entities, the workforce, employment, remuneration, investment expenditures, fixed assets and financial issues, cargo traffic, passenger and vessel movements in seaports, maritime and coastal transport fleet as well as sea waterborne carriages accomplished by Polish shipping companies, cargo traffic, passenger and vessels movements, maritime merchant fleet under Polish flag, marine accidents and salvage, shipbuilding, maritime fisheries and fish processing industry, maritime education and science, marine environment protection, and maritime tourism. In addition the yearbook shall be supplemented with basic information on maritime economy at international level.

By: voivodships, sectors and forms of property, legal forms, types of activity, seaports.