Demographic Yearbook of Poland 2023

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Date of publication: 22.11.2023
Frequency of publication: annual edition

The Yearbook contains the basic information on the numbers and structure of the population of Poland in 2022, and retrospective data prepared on the basis of population summaries and data on vital statistics (characteristics of new marriages, adjudged divorces and separations, births and deaths), as well as lifespan. Moreover, in the yearbook information about internal and international population migrations, and a short version of the international comparison was presented.

Update 11.04.2024

Correction of the content of table 57 (208) in Part III on page 471 (the correction was made only in the tables in XLS/XLSX format in ZIP file).

By: regions, voivodships, subregions, powiats, gminas, urban, rural areas.