Domestic deliveries and consumption of selected consumer goods per capita in 2022

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In 2022 domestic deliveries1 of meat (including pork, beef, veal and poultry) amounted to 4642 thousand tonnes and were higher by 6.8% compared with the previous year. The deliveries of both raw meat from animals for slaughter (by 9.1%) and poultry meat (by 3.5%) increased.

In 2022 the deliveries of wheat flour; meat and variety meat products from animals for slaughter; raw meat from animals for slaughter were much higher than in the previous year. The significant increase in the deliveries was reported also for the following foodstuffs: margarine and reduced and low fat spreads; poultry meat; mineral waters and soft drinks. In comparison with 2021, the deliveries of variety meat products from poultry; pure vodka; butter and dairy spreads were much smaller however.

1 Deliveries have been defined as quantity of products produced domestically (data concern economic entities employing more than 9 persons), reduced by their exports and enlarged by their imports and corrected by the balance of changes of stocks at producers (data concerns economic entities employing more than 49 persons).