Religious denominations in Poland 2015-2018

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Date of publication: 28.02.2020
Frequency of publication: published every 3 years

This book is the 9th edition of the periodical series. As always, it presents statistical data on the functioning of churches and religious associations, thus depicting the religious structure of Poland. The book contains information about the number of believers, clergy, parishes, places of worship and activities focused on charity and education, all conducted by Churches and religious associations in Poland. As in previous editions, you will find short descriptions of basic truths of faith, outlines of theological doctrines and discussion of some historical facts concerning particular religions or groups of religions. This issue has been enriched with an additional analytical part. In the present edition it consists of 2 chapters. The first chapter contains a comparative analysis of the religious structure and selected dimensions of religious life in Poland and France. The second chapter presents an analysis of the impact of religiousness on the subjective well-being of Polish residents, based on the results of the Social Cohesion Survey of 2018. In this publication there is also a paragraph for a short discussion of data on marriages based on faith concluded since 1999 with civil effects as well as information on educational institutions run by religious organizations