Religious denominations in Poland 2019-2021

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Date of publication: 15.12.2022
Frequency of publication: published every 3 years

The presented book "Religious denominations in Poland in 2019-2021" is the 10th edition of the cyclical publishing series of the Statistic Poland.

At the beginning of the publication, selected aspects of the methodology of statistical surveys of religious denominations in Poland are discussed (Chapter 1). Then, there are considerations concerning the names of Polish churches and religious associations in the perspective of the sciences of culture and religion (Chapter 2), and the classification of Polish churches and religious associations by religious traditions is presented and commented on (Chapter 3).

Based on the cited classification (modified and extended in relation to the classification used in previous years by the Statistic Poland), the extensive part of the book presents statistical data on the functioning of churches and religious associations, drawing a denominational map of our country.

These data include not only the numbers of adherents, clergy, parishes and places of worship, but also information on charitable and educational activities undertaken. There are also synthesised characteristics of the basic truths of faith, outlines of theological doctrines and discussions of certain historical facts concerning individual denominations or groups of denominations (Chapter 4).

In the study, one can find a synthetic discussion of data on religious marriages having legal effects in civil law contracted since 1999 and information on educational and care facilities run by religious organisations. The available information on cases of discrimination on the basis of faith or church membership is also an important theme (Chapter 5).

In view of the 30th anniversary of the reform of the administrative structure of the Catholic Church, the last part of this publication (Chapter 6) is devoted to this issue.