Methodological report. Labour Force Survey

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Date of publication: 31.07.2018
Frequency of publication: published every 4 years

Within the scope of the publication there are presented methodological and organisational principles concerning the Badanie Aktywności Ekonomicznej Ludności and accompanying it thematic module  surveys.

The Badanie Aktywności Ekonomicznej Ludności is the Polish equivalent of the European Survey on labour force - Labour Force Survey/EU-LFS. The legal basis for conducting the survey in Poland is provided by the Act of 29  June 1995 on Official Statistics and the regulations of the Council of Ministers concerning the programme of statistical surveys of official statistics for a particular year. Due to the fact that the survey also fulfils the obligations related to the European Union membership, there are also compulsory the legal acts regulating implementation of the European Labour Force Survey (LFS).   

The presented publication consists of four chapters. The first one presents the survey objective, the legal basis, the subjective and objective range, historical background, and the method of the survey organisation. The second chapter describes issues connected with the widely understood LFS methodology, the third chapter describes the way of presenting and disseminating the survey results, while the fourth chapter is dedicated to the module surveys which are carried out alongside the core Polish LFS survey.