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Regions of Poland 2022
Topics / Other studies / Cities, Voivodship
11.08.2022 - Brochure presenting characteristics of socio-economic phenomena in territorial cross-sections, the pace of changes in recent years and the relationship to the average values for the country. Selected economic categories presented in dynamic terms. 22.08.2022 On 22 August 2022, the „”Regions of...
Unregistered employment in Poland in 2017
Topics / Labour Market / Working. Unemployed. Economically inactive by LFS
29.03.2019 - Analysis of the phenomenon of unregistered work from both people declaring illegal work and employers and households performing the unregistered work. Persons working in the „grey area” in connection with the demographic and social characteristics (sex, age, education), kind of the performed work,...
Methodological report. Labour Force Survey
Topics / Labour Market / Methodical rules, Yearbook of Labour
31.07.2018 - Within the scope of the publication there are presented methodological and organisational principles concerning the Badanie Aktywności Ekonomicznej Ludności and accompanying it thematic module surveys. The Badanie Aktywności Ekonomicznej Ludności is the Polish equivalent of the European Survey on...