Construction - Activity results in 2016

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Date of publication: 21.07.2017
Frequency of publication: annual edition

Construction and assembly production performed in the national economy, including the sales of construction and assembly production in construction units employing more than 9 persons by departments, groups and ownership forms, types of facilities, locations of performing works (voivodships); the sales of construction and assembly production outside the borders of Poland by construction and non-construction enterprises employing more than 9 persons, price indices of construction and assembly production. Material effects of construction (residential buildings commissioned for use: the number of dwellings, rooms, useful floor space of dwellings, cubic capacity, building type, construction form, construction technology, average duration of construction; commissioned buildings not intended for residential use – the number, cubic capacity and useful floor space), dwellings in residential and non-residential buildings (the number, useful floor space, the number of rooms, construction forms), the number of civil engineering structures. Permits issued for the construction of new residential and non-residential buildings and civil engineering structures. Dwellings started.

By: regions, voivodships, subregions