Construction - Activity results in 2014

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Date of publication: 30.07.2015
Frequency of publication: annual edition

It describes construction and assembly production conducted in the national economy, including the sales of construction and assembly production in construction entities employing more than 9 persons by groups and forms of ownership, types of facilities, and places of carrying out work (voivodships), the sales of construction and assembly production outside the country by construction and nonconstruction enterprises employing more than 9 persons, as well as price indices of construction and assembly production. It contains information on the material effects of construction (residential buildings completed: the number of dwellings, rooms, usable floor space, cubic volume, the type of buildings, construction forms, technology, an average duration of construction works; completed buildings for purposes other than residential: the number, cubic volume and usable floor space), dwellings in residential and nonresidential buildings (the number, usable floor space, the number of rooms and construction forms), permits issued for the construction of new residential and nonresidential buildings and civil engineering structures, as well as dwellings under construction.

By: regions, voivodships, subregions.