Health and health care in 2017

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Date of publication: 30.01.2019
Frequency of publication: annual edition

Results of research on the health condition of the Polish population and research on the infrastructure and functioning of the health care system, conducted within the Polish Public Statistics framework.

In the case of the health condition of the population – information about the incidence of selected diseases (e.g. infectious diseases, malignant tumors, diseases and mental disorders), about the reasons for hospital admission. In the case of health care infrastructure – information on the status and activity of health care facilities and medical practices, about the medical staff, including persons entitled to perform their profession and working directly with the patient, on health care facilities conducting medical activities in the field of inpatient and outpatient care, pharmacies, emergency help and emergency medical services as well as about occupational medicine.

The basic characteristics of these facilities are, among others: types of entities, number of beds, places, ambulances, consultations, patients, length of stay in hospital wards. Moreover, selected data on public expenditure on health care in 2018 and the results of the National Health Account for 2017. In addition to the tabular part: synthesis of test results, methodological notes, explanations of concepts used in the study, graphic presentation of the described phenomena.

By: voivodships, powiats, sex, age groups of patients, types of entities, types of benefits