Means of production in agriculture in the 2016/2017 farming year

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Date of publication: 29.01.2018
Date modified: 14.05.2018
Frequency of publication: annual edition

The publication contains basic data on means of production in agriculture. In the study presented the current level of consumption of mineral fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime)and natural fertilizers as well as directions of changes in consumption. The data on supply the farms in plant protection products, feeds, fertilizers, and sowing materials are also provided. In the scope of fertilization for the farming year 2016/17 presented preliminary data from the June agricultural survey (R-CzBR) conducted in 2017. For other means of production included in the study, the data for 2016 are presented in the final version.

In May 2018 the study was updated and supplemented with data on: the use of natural fertilizers (manure, liquid manure, slurry), the use of support in farmers' decision making in the field of plant protection, plant protection measures on the farm and sprayers and non-standard equipment for performing treatments with plant protection products.

By: regions, voivodships, ownership forms