Regional development of Poland - analytical report 2020

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Date of publication: 26.04.2021

An analytical publication on the regional development of Poland, prepared for the purposes of monitoring the National Strategy for Regional Development 2030. It covers the diagnosis of phenomena related to the monitoring of environmental threats, demographic processes, conditions for the development of human and social capital, economy (productivity, entrepreneurship and innovation) and infrastructure (increasing the competitiveness of the economy and improving living conditions), as well as the administrative potential of local governments (including their financial condition, territory space management). Provides a summary of the last year available and a retrospective from 2010, also with regard to sixteen Reports on the socio-economic situation of voivodships, issued in a new format from 2020.

The publication presents an analysis of development issues by voivodships (or NUTS 2 regions), and at the same time - where data availability allowed - also for areas of strategic intervention defined in the NSRD 2030, i.e. Eastern Poland, gminas threatened by permanent marginalization, medium-sized cities losing socio-economic functions and spatial delimitation related to the urban dimension.