Statistical Yearbook of Industry 2016

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Date of publication: 01.02.2017

Units performing economic activity, sold production, price indices, global production, intermediate consumption, gross value added, the production of major goods, finances of enterprises, employment and labour efficiency, working time and conditions, wages and salaries, investment outlays, fixed assets, foreign trade in manufactured goods, material balances, the use of certain fuels and electricity, and selected materials in industry, technology and the use of information and communication technologies, threats to the environment and environmental protection.

By: voivodships, ownership sectors, sections and divisions of the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD 2007), basic data on industry by groups and certain classes of PKD 2007; the quantity of manufactured goods by the Polish Classification of Products and Services (PKWiU); the value of sold production of goods by divisions and classes of PKWiU; exports and imports by sections and divisions of PKD 2007, exports and imports of industrial goods by divisions of PKWiU.