Changes in demand for services in 2015 and 2020

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In 2020 the value of costs incurred by enterprises[1] for the purchase of external services accounted for PLN 526.1 billion. The costs of services purchase index increased by 22.0 pp compared to the corresponding index in 2015.

In 2020 enterprises with the number of persons employed 50 and more purchased from other entities services worth PLN 526.1 billion (a growth of 53.4% in comparison to 2015). The highest costs for the purchase of services were recorded for entities carrying out activities classified to section C „Manufacturing” with the share in total external services purchased by surveyed enterprises accounted for 29.7% (a decrease of 1.3 pp compared to 2015). This was followed by entities carrying out activities related to wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicle and motorcycles (Section G) and activities related to transportation and storage (Section H). Their shares were respectively 17.2% (an increase of 0.9 pp in comparison to 2015) and 16.3% (an increase of 4.5 pp).


[1] Applies to national economic entites with the number of persons employed 50 and more conducting activities classified according to NACE to sections: C „Manufacturing”, F „Construction”, G „Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles”, H „Transportation and storage”, I „Accomodation and food service activities”, K „Financial and insurance activities”, L „Real estate activities”, M „Professional, scientific and technical activities”, N “Administrative and support service activities” and to selected divisions of section J: 58 „Publishing activities”, 61 „Telecommunication”, 62 „Computer programming, consultancy and related activities” and 63 „Information service activities”.