Area and Population in the Territorial Profile in 2014

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Date of publication: 24.07.2014
Frequency of publication: annual edition

This publication is a subsequent presentation in the cycle of annual publications issued since 1984 and concerning the data on the area and population of particular units of territorial division of the country, as well as of regions (NTS 1) and subregions (NTS 3) operating within the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistical Purposes (NTS).

In the lists of names of voivodships, powiats, cities with powiat status, gminas, towns, as well as regions and subregions, there were included the ranking positions of these units with regard to area and population in the general group of units of particular types. The list of gminas comprises additional designation of the units with the largest and the smallest areas and population in particular voivodships, as well as the names of the gminas in which there are located:

  • airports,
  • seaports,
  • border crossings.

According to the state of January 1st 2014, defining number of administrative units in Poland, there are 16 voivodships, 314 powiats, 66 cities with powiat status and 2 479 gminas.

As of January 1st 2014, following changes were introduced to Poland administrative division, that means:

  • changes of the borders of:
    • twenty gminas (of which five gminas with town status); these changes affected the borders of five powiats and three cities with powiat status,
    • ten towns located within gmina territory,
  • evocation of urban gmina Czarna Woda (starogardzki powiat, pomorskie voivodship) its town status,
  • formation of six new towns located within gmina territory, which is a result of granting a legal status of a town to six rural localities, (of which to locality Czarna Woda);

as a result there were changes of types of the gminas from urban or rural to urban-rural.

All changes concerned twelve voivodships.

By: region, voivodship, subregion, powiat, gmina and town