Information on the size and directions of emigration for temporary stay from Poland in 2017-2022

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Statistics Poland presents an estimation of the number of Polish residents temporarily staying abroad for at least 12 months in 2017-2022 (the stock of Polish immigrants in other countries). These data are not migration flow – the total number of departures (Poles leaving their homeland) in particular years, and as such cannot be summed up.

The presented results for 2017-2020 are a revision of previously published estimates. The presented results for 2022 are projected values.

According to the estimation at the end of 2022, around 1,523 thousand of permanent residents of Poland temporarily stayed outside the country. There were approximately 1,436 thousand Polish emigrants in Europe, most of them – around 867 thousand – stayed in the EU member states. The highest number of Polish emigrants resided in Great Britain (446 thousand), Germany (411 thousand), Netherlands (116 thousand).