Financial economy of local government units 2017

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Date of publication: 28.12.2018
Date modified: 20.02.2019
Frequency of publication: annual edition

It contains information on the performance of the budgets of local self-government units at various levels, the general conditions of the budgetary management of local self-government entities, including system and legislative changes, as well as processes in multiannual terms.

17.01.2019, the pdf file has been modified, the amendments concerned changes in graphic elements on pages: 40; 50; 56; 59; 79; 89; 95; 109; 117; 118; 148; 150;. 165; 170; 175; 176 and adding a footnote on page 154.

On 20 February 2019, the following corrections were made in the publication: Page 57 - there was “an increase of 285.0%" is "an increase of 185.0%", Page 134 - Chart 50. the value label in 2017 was "0,0" is "32.8", Page 147 - in the last paragraph was "3,973.0 million PLN" is "3,973.1 million PLN", Page 149 - the first paragraph was removed because it was a duplicate paragraph on page 147.

By: Income and expenses of the budgets of local government units according to the classification of divisions and sections, local government units in total, including voivodeship, powiat and gmina level, with breakdown into the types of gminas