Revised estimate of gross domestic product for the year 2017

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Statistics Poland developed a full, revised estimation of gross domestic product (GDP) for 2017 based on annual sources of information and the final estimate for 2016.

The GDP calculated at this time is the basis for estimates of gross national income and notification of the deficit and debt of the general government sector (the so-called Octo-ber EDP notification of 2018).

The presented data on GDP and its components for 2017 have been revised in comparison to the previously published on 23rd April 2018 due to taking into account the more com-plete annual information on the results for the whole information for 2017 on the follow-ing statistical areas: finance of corporations, foreign trade in goods and services, develop-ing result for October general government deficit and debt fiscal notification based on the final source data and the use of data available at that time from administrative sources.