Social assistance, child and family services in 2019

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Date of publication: 30.09.2020
Frequency of publication: annual edition

Basic information characterizing stationary social welfare facilities. Selected data on beneficiaries and amounts of monetary and non-monetary benefits of social assistance granted on the basis of a decision. Data regarding benefits for families. Expenditures from the state budget and local government entieties budgets for social assistance and other tasks in the field of social policy. Basic information characterizing the day-support centres, institutional foster care (care and educational centers, regional care and therapy centers,pre-adoptive intervention centers) and family foster care (foster families,foster homes). Basic data on adoption, Large Family Cards, child-rising benefit. Selected data on care for children up to 3 years in nurseries and children's clubs, day carers and nannies.

By: voivodships, subregions and powiats, for information about beneficiaries of social assistance and expenditures - data by voivodships, for information on family benefits - data for Poland in total.