Imprisoned in remand centres or prisons

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yearly data

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Statistical concepts and definitions:

Prisoner — an inmate in prison or remand (detention) center, including both those who have been convicted and pre-trial detainee, as well as those who have been punished.

Pre-trial detainee — a person suspected or accused of having committed a criminal offence and against whom a preventive measure in the form of pre-trial detention has been ordered by the Court. The purpose of pre-trial detention is to protect criminal proceedings from the real threat that a person suspected or accused of a criminal offence will take unlawful steps to obstruct the criminal process.

Convict — a natural person who has been found guilty of a criminal offence by a court in criminal proceedings, by a final judgment or by a criminal order and has been charged a penalty or a criminal measure. The perpetrator of a criminal act has the status of a convicted person from the moment the judgment becomes final, throughout the entire enforcement proceedings, until the conviction is blurred.

Punished — a person who has been given a judicial sentence in the course of criminal proceedings. If the penalized person fails to comply with a penalty of any other kind, the Court shall pronounce the Alternative Detention Penalty.

Juvenile offender — according to criminal law, is a person who at the time of crime committing is not 21 years old and at the moment of decreeing in the first instance court is not 24 years old (art. 115 § 10 of Criminal Code).

Habitual offender — an adult sentenced for intentional crime to penalty of deprivation of liberty or a substitute penalty of deprivation of liberty or punished for intentional misdemeanor to prison sentence or  substitute prison sentence that has previously served such punishments or a military arrest for intentional crimes or misdemeanors.

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Data sets from information systems of  Ministry of Justice; results of surveys – Statistics Poland

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