Environment 2021

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Date of publication: 30.11.2021
Frequency of publication: annual edition

It contains a synthetic presentation of a comprehensive set of results of statistical surveys, the functioning sub-systems of the State Environmental Monitoring and administrative sources characterising the state, hazards and protection of the environment in 2020 compared to previous years. Data concerns the natural conditions and individual components of the environment, the issues related to waste, radiation and noise, the activities aimed at protecting and controlling the environment.


Correction of data, chart No. 5, „Consumption of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers in European Union countries in 2019”


Correction of the chart name, chart No. 8.

By: voivodships, areas with a large scale of hazards, hydrographic regions, regional water management boards, forestry organisational units, objects and areas of special natural values protected by the law, and health resorts, as well as water and wastewater management, air pollution and protection, waste, by PKD 2007. International comparisons.