Energy management and gas supply system in Poland in 2017

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In Poland, in 2017, consumption of gas per capita in  urban areas increased by 50.6 kWh (by 3.3%) and amounted to 1 564.5 kWh.

In 2017, gas supply system in Poland reached the length of 152.2 thous. km (of which 131.0 thous. km was distribution network). As compared to the previous year, the length of gas supply network in total increased by 3.2 thous. km (by 2.1%), while the number of connections in this period increased by 98 thous. pcs. (by 3.5%)

The length of gas distribution network in rural areas in 2017 increased by 1.3 thous. km (by 1.9%) and amounted to 71.1 thous. km, while in urban areas – by 2.0 thous. km (by 3.4%) and reached 59.9 thous. km.

The consumption of gas from gas supply system by households in Poland in 2017 increased by 4.4% as compared to 2016, with an increase in the number of consumers – by 0.6%. In urban areas there was an increase of 3.2% in consumption of gas while the rise in the number of consumers was by 0.3%. In rural areas there was noted an increase in gas consumption – by 8.6%, and the number of consumers rose by 2.3%.

As compared to 2016, consumption of gas from gas supply system increased by 1 993.6 GWh and amounted to 6 268 KWh per consumer, while in urban areas it came to 5 606 kWh, and in rural areas – to 10 344 kWh.