Land use and sown area in 2017

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Date of publication: 27.02.2018
Frequency of publication: edited every 2 years

This publication contains the results of June agriculture survey conducted in 2017 (in randomly selected individual holdings and also based on reports from holdings of legal persons and organizational units without legal personality). In order to illustrate changes in agricultural production, the basic information on land use and sown area in a nationwide perspective have been provided, in comparison with the results of 2016. Data for sown area are presented in flashback: in 1947 and from 1950 to 1970 at 10-year intervals, then at 5-year intervals, and of recent years with an annual frequency. Detailed results of survey are presented in this publication in cross national, regional, voivodship (total and of which private farms). This publication contains methodological and analytical notes and statistical tables as well. Apart from explaining the basic concepts related both to terminology and scope, the methodological notes also include sampling scheme for the survey and principles for the result generalisation. This publication was compiled at the Plant Production and Land Use Section.