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09.09.2022 - We would like to present to you the methodological study “Family support and foster care system” developed by the Centre of Social Assistance Statistics in the Statistical Office in Krakow. The goal of the study is to present the methodology of research on institutional and family foster care and...
18.08.2022 - The description of the surveys contained in this report is based on the statistical survey programme of official statistics for 2020, introduced by the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 11 October 2019 on the programme of statistical surveys of official statistics for 2020 (Journal of Laws...
04.05.2022 - The present edition of the methodological report Information society indicators. ICT usage surveys is an updated version of the previous publication of the same title issued in 2019. An aim of preparing the methodological report is acquainting recipients with current information regarding surveys...
21.02.2022 - New information and communication technologies (ICT) are one of the key factors changing the world. Their continuous development and ubiquitous availability of digital products constitute a priority supporting the economic and social development of the state. Information has become one of the main...
Methodological report. Industrial production surveys
Topics / Industry, Construction, Fixed Assets / Industry
26.10.2021 - The purpose of the publication is to familiarize users with the area of survey on industrial production conducted by Statistics Poland and the information they can obtain on the basis thereof. The Methodological report presents information on data sources used in monthly and annual surveys of...
Methodological report. Statistics on labour market, wages and salaries
Topics / Labour Market / Methodical rules, Yearbook of Labour
22.03.2021 - We are pleased to present the methodological report, which updates the Methodological report on labour market and wages and salaries statistics, recently issued in 2018. The idea of the authors is to maintain the report as a guide to labour market statistics conducted in the field of various...
Methodological report - Households condition survey (consumer attitudes)
Topics / Living conditions / Living conditions
26.02.2021 - The purpose of the households condition survey is to know the attitudes (behavior) of consumers and obtain their indicators showing changes over time. Diagnostic and prognostic indicators create the possibility of conducting structural analyzes and analyzes of consumption trends. The results of...
Methodological report - Migration of population
Topics / Population / International migration
01.07.2020 - We provide the Readers with Methodological Handbook, entitled Migration of population, which discusses statistical surveys on internal and international migrations, conducted in accordance with the Program for official statistics. Migration of population is the basic element and form of spatial...
Methodological report. Monthly activity report of enterprises
Topics / Economic Activities, Finances / Activity of enterprises. Activity of companies
01.10.2019 - Monthly activity report of enterprises, which presents information on a survey conducted by Statistics Poland, constituting the basic element of short-term surveys of activity of enterprises. The Methodological report discusses scope and content, the assumed survey methods and principles of...