Methodological report - Migration of population

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Date of publication: 01.07.2020
Frequency of publication: single edition

We provide the Readers with Methodological Handbook, entitled Migration of population, which discusses statistical surveys on internal and international migrations, conducted in accordance with the Program for official statistics.

Migration of population is the basic element and form of spatial mobility. They refer to territorial movements related with relatively durable change of the place of residence and are seen, next to reproduction and mortality, as a component of demographic changes. In this report the reference is made mainly to those aspects of the survey on internal and international migrations, which are used for development of the estimation of the size and structure of the population by sex and age, both for the domestic and international purposes.

Additionally, the methodological report presents the surveys on migration from historical perspective, taking into consideration the period of 1959-1989. The Authors intended to present some logical continuity considering the manner of registration of movements resulting from the legal acts and political system in Poland at that time.