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Editorial Title-Plan of the Statistics Poland and RSO

Publication announcements

No. Type Document title Date of publication
61 Article Structure of wages and salaries by occupations in October 2020 22.11.2021
62 Publication Students commuting to schools located in provincial cities 07.03.2019
63 Publication Study of the infrastructure and research and development equipment as well as cooperation of scientific units, enterprises, universities, research institutes and other units with the research infrastructure at the voivodship level (NTS 2) (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
64 Note Subjective wellbeing in Poland (folder) 20.11.2015
65 Publication Supply and use tables in 2019 31.03.2023
66 Publication Support for monitoring system of cohesion and spatial policy in the area of public services availability in the scope of culture (POPT 2007-2013) 31.12.2013
67 Article Support granted by households to the inhabitants of Ukraine in the first half of 2022 on the basis of results of the Household Budget Survey 27.10.2022
68 Publication Survey of Passanger mobility at the local level 26.02.2019
69 Publication Sustainable Development Indicators for Poland 2015 26.10.2015
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