Terms used in official statistics

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Employment in national economy


Persons performing work generating earnings (in the form of wages or salaries) or income.

In the frame of persons employed are included:
1) employees, in other words wage and salaried workers i.e. persons employed on the basis of an employment relationship (employment contract, appointment, nomination, election) or a service relationship;
2) employers and own-account workers, i.e.:
a) owners, co-owners, and leaseholders of private farms in agriculture (including contributing family workers),
b) owners and co-owners (including contributing family workers; excluding partners in com-panies who do not work in them) of entities conducting economic activity excluding private farms in agriculture,
c) other self-employed persons, e.g., persons practising learned professions;
3) outworkers;
4) members of agricultural production cooperatives (agricultural producers' cooperatives and cooperatives established on their basis as well as agricultural farmers' cooperatives);
5) clergy fulfilling priestly obligations.

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