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Supplement in respect of the child care during parental leave


The family benefit which shall be granted to a parent, a factual guardian of the child or the statutory guardian if the child is under his/her factual care, if the person is entitled to the parental leave.

The supplement period shall not exceed:

- 24 calendar months;

- 36 calendar months, if the person take care over more than one child born during one parturition;

- 72 calendar months, if the person take care of a child with a medical certificate stating disability or considerable degree of disability of the child.

If both parents or statutory guardians of the child take advantage of the parental leave, one supplement shall be granted.

The supplement shall not be granted to the person if:

-the person was employed for less than 6 months directly before being granted the parental leave;

-the person receives maternity allowance during the parental leave;

-the person became or continues to be employed or undertakes a paid job in the period of parental leave;

-the child stays in an institution providing full-time maintenance such as special school and education center, with the exception of the entity running treatment activity, and is subject to the round-the-clock care provided there for more than 5 days a week;

-or in other cases of ceasing to take care personally of the child.

  • Act of 28 November 2003 on Family Benefits
    Place of publication: (Dz. U. z 2023 r. poz. 390, z późn. zm.)

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